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DataSync for Amazon FSx


Hello I would like to ask what is the difference between these two configuration methods:

Way 1:

Way 2:

The case is as follows. I have 2 Amazon FSx, in two different regions, and I would like to implement synchronization between Amazon FSx in region X, and Amazon FSx in region Y using DataSync.

Which method should I choose? I think method number 2 is better because of the lack of additional VM, I think it will be more cost effective. But I am not sure if there is not some hidden issue here that I should pay attention to?

I would appreciate any help on this topic. Best regards.

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Accepted Answer

You would use a Datasync Agent when you're using self-managed storage (including an NFS share in an AWS VPC, other cloud providers, or on-prem storage).

Directly answering the question, I think the difference between them is that the blog posting is over 2 years old, as the current documentation doesn't show an agent in the reference architecture for transfers between AWS storage services.

answered 18 days ago

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