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/EKS pods get node IP address instead of IP from Calico IP Pool/

EKS pods get node IP address instead of IP from Calico IP Pool


Hello, in order to take advantage of higher pod density along with network policies we removed AWS VPC CNI add-on (aws-node) and rely on Calico CNI add-on (calico-node) for pod network management. After removing aws-node daemonset and terminating EKS worker nodes, new nodes were created by ASG and all pods scheduled. My question, while most pods scheduled on the new nodes have been assigned IP address from Calico IP pool, as expected, a number of pods, mostly daemonset pods, have been assigned the same IP as the node IP.
Any help with this will be highly appreciated. JS

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Can you inspect and see if the pod spec has hostNetwork set to true?

answered 2 months ago

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