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Email & Phone Alias comes into play only when username sign-in option enabled?

Scenario #1: user pool sign-in option is set to Email & Phone number only. No Username.

I am able to sign-up user & sms verify phone number. However if i try to login with the phone number, I get UserNotFound Exception.

Scenario #2: user pool sign-in option is set to Email, Phone Number & Username

I am able to sign-up with dummy username, email & sms verify phone number. I am able to login with either (phone number, password) or (email, password) combination.

So the Alias (Email or Phone) comes into play only when username is set as a sign-in option ?

1 Answer

You can select only email and phone number without username, but you will have to pick either email or phone number at sign-up as the user identifier. See the Cognito user pool sign-in options information, "If you select only phone number and email, your user will be prompted to select one of the two sign-in options when they sign up". So if you pick email at sign-up, then you can't use phone number to sign in.

answered a month ago

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