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Overlapping annotations AWS Comprehend


Hi , I am training a model in AWS comprehend using a csv file. It is giving me an error "Overlapping annotations (0, 4, 'Make') and (0, 11, 'Model') were found in the file PAS ID AWS Comprehend training data - Sheet1.csv, line 62" Can anyone help me in understanding the reason for this error and a possible fix to this issue?

2 Answers

Comprehend doesn't support overlapping annotations, i.e. when a section of your text is annotated twice. Make sure the annotation is correct in the line that Comprehend found the error. If your annotation is correct and you have frequent overlaps in your document then creating two separate models is the suggested workaround.

answered 8 months ago
  • I can't find any overlapping text in the TEXT column of the CSV. I can share the CSV in case it helps.

  • Note, this is not about overlapping text, but about overlapping annotations. From the error message it seems that you have annotated the same section twice, once with (0, 4, 'Make') and once with (0, 11, 'Model').


If you are using a custom entity file (as opposed to an annotation file), you cannot have an entity term be the same or a substring of another entity term. For example if you have one entity term that's "login" and another that's "user login" belonging to different entities, the auto-annotation will then overlap as it's trying to annotate the overlapping substring "login" to 2 different entities.

answered 6 months ago

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