Can't launch any aws-cloudhsm-pkcs11-examples because of C_Initialize error



Can't launch any aws-cloudhsm-pkcs11-examples. C_Initialize() returns error code 5 (CKR_GENERAL_ERROR). What is missing?

I'm trying to integrate CloudHSM/PKCS11 library into existing C++ application. I started by studying official examples from
However no example is successful and stuck on C_Initialize() call. It returns error code 5 (CKR_GENERAL_ERROR). Tested on AWS Ubuntu 16.04 instance. What should be done to avoid this error?

$ src/encrypt/aes_gcm --pin ...
Failed to connect socket
Failed to initialize

$ make test
0% tests passed, 16 tests failed out of 16

$ gdb src/encrypt/aes_gcm
78 rv = funcs->C_Initialize(&args);
79 if (rv != CKR_OK) {
(gdb) p rv
$4 = 5

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answered 4 years ago

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