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Is there documentation regarding how Quicksight charges are reflected in the CUR? I'm trying to match what I'm being charged vs the quick sight Pricing page:


I'm trying to match the following line_item_operations: QS-User-Enterprise-Month QS-Reader-Usage-Paid-Session QS-Reader-Report-Session QS-Reader-Usage-Bonus-Session QS-Reader-Usage-Cap-Session

with the concepts that appear in the pricing page Authors: readers capacity pricing


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If you already have access to CUR, you can get more information from CUR as well, by simply querying additional columns, for example the description of the relevant line item: line_item_line_item_description

If you can't directly query CUR, while you might not find the information you are looking for in the QuickSight documentation, I suggest checking the bulk pricing API:

You can find there information about usage types, their billing, as well as description of different fields. While it's not exactly prviding examples how this information is reflected in either Cost Explorer filters, or CUR tables, you can still get valuable information about usage types and explanation what they mean.

You can download offer files either in JSON or CSV format, and you can get separate ones for each service. For example, to get JSON file with ALL the info about EC2 pricing cost and usage data, you can follow the documentation I linked above, and you would get this from here:

For QuickSight, for example if you wanted to download this pffer file in CSV, you could just replace the file extension at the end of the link, and replace the service code:

One example you mentioned QS-Reader-Report-Session - in the offer file you will get more information about i, when you search for it in the usageType column. From what I see, this is usage from Enterprise edition, with description - "Number of emails sent".

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answered 11 days ago


I would refer to the FAQ's regarding the Cost & usage reports for Quicksight based on different plans & models. [1]

QuickSight offers a unique, industry first pay-per-session model for dashboard readers, users who consume dashboards others have created. Instead of paying a fixed license cost per month, readers are billed $0.30 for a 30-minute session up to a maximum charge of $5/reader/month for unlimited use. This pricing model allows all of your users to access secure, interactive dashboards and email reports on a pay-per-session basis with no upfront costs or complex capacity planning. [2]

Link- -- [1]

Session Capacity Planning- -- [2]

answered 16 days ago

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