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workspaces - run a compliance check before connecting to workspaces


A customer would like to run a compliance check on the device before it connects to workspaces. Are there 'hooks' that can be used when a user tries to connect to the workspace?

It would work something like how MFA is included in the login process.

  1. user attempts connection
  2. workdocs client calls local 'hook'
  3. 'hook' initiates compliance check
  • if successful then remainder of login will complete
  • if unsuccessful then login ends with appropriate error message
asked 3 years ago32 views
1 Answer
Accepted Answer

There are no 'native' hooks to do in-band endpoint compliance checks for WorkSpaces.

We have seen customers use 3rd party tools for this requirement where an agent is placed on the endpoint, and another agent inside of the WorkSpace, and if the endpoint device is out of compliance (windows patch level, windows firewall, A/V, un-secured wifi etc etc) it wont let the endpoint connect. Some solutions even break a streaming session if the endpoint becomes non-compliant during their session.

A popular solution we have seen deployed with WorkSpaces is DeviceTrust:

Hope that helps!

answered 3 years ago

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