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/deploy new cdk Aurora Cluster/

deploy new cdk Aurora Cluster


Hi team,

I have an aurora DB cluster already created via CDK,

for compliance reasons, now I changed my CDK code to enable encryption on my Aurora DB

when deploying the CDK code, a new cluster was created (with encryption option enable this time) but I had this error :

Myst1Stack | 2/9 | 10:15:20 a.m. | UPDATE_ROLLBACK_IN_P | AWS::CloudFormation::Stack | Myst1Stack Export Myst1Stack:ExportsOutputFnGetAttdb123D8BCEndpointAddressABC1244 cannot be updated as it is in use by Myst2Stack, Myst3Stack and Myst4Stack

any idea how can I resolve the dependencies issues to be able to deploy my new CDK code

Thank you

2 Answers
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answered a month ago

This error means that you are exporting a value, and as part of the stack update, that value is being changed. Unfortunately, this cannot be done when those exported values are being used in other stacks, as there is no mechanism for cascading this change down to the other stacks that rely on the new value.

To get around it, you will need to update the other stacks to use a static value before you can update Myst1Stack. After doing this, you can update these stacks to use the export again.

This documentation [1] describes a way to track this down via native CloudFormation. If these other stacks are also CDK, you can update these references in their CDK code, or you could modify the values temporarily in the CFN template to allow this update to go through, and then simply re-deploy the previous version of these stacks from CDK, as the needed metadata for CDK to link to your project will still be present.


answered a month ago

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