Some of my domains set in SES didn't send notifications to my SNS topic.


As title, I have 3 domains in SES, both were all verified and enable for sending, and all of them were set to send notifications to a SNS topic that I've set up with a notification and it was confirmed. However, the SES actions that 3 domains have didn't correctly send notifications out, only the last domain I have successfully sent the notifications, others were failed, which meant I never received anything of the first two domains at all. I've also tried configuration set but didn't work either, the documents didn't talk a lot with such problem, this was nearly drew me crazy.

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Finally found the solution at

"If you have bounce notifications configured for a verified domain, but there are email addresses within the domain that are verified separately, then you don't receive bounce notifications for the separately verified email addresses."

The ones that didn't receive notification is because I had email address individually verified.

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