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I want to be able to change the server configuration on my AWS Managed Grafana to increase the maximum login lifetime duration but cannot find where it is. I am logged in with an Admin user and do not see the typical shield icon that let's you modify the server settings. I tried to find it through the AWS Services -> Grafana but cannot find any options there either.

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It depends on the authentication method you use. If you are using SAML, you would need to define something along the lines of Login validity duration [1]

If you use IAM identity Center, the session for IAM Identity Center enabled applications is refreshed every hour as long as the IAM Identity Center sign in session from which they were obtained is still valid [2]


[1] -

[2] -


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answered a year ago
  • I am using IAM identity center. I found how to change the login duration, however it is capped at 12 hours. Is there anyway to bypass this limit?

  • As per docs 12 hours is the maximum with no options to increase beyond that.

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