can't update or upload file in filezilla & error establishing database connection


Hello aws community, I can't update or upload any file in filezilla ftp. When I update wp-config.php or any new file upload in wordpress folder filezilla automatically server change into 0 kb file size. what can I do to resolve this issue in aws. Is there any way to upload my wp-config.php in aws server. Also my wordpress backend doesn't open it shows the error establishing a database connection how can I resolved these two issues. anyone from the community guide or help me. thanks.

see the attached screenshot

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The reason why wp-config.php fails to upload is a problem with the permission settings of the files and directories located in Lightsail.
The error is due to the fact that the user using FTP does not have permission to update the file.
Try the following command in Lightsail.

sudo chmod 775 -R /opt/bitnami/app/wordpress/htdocs
sudo usermod -aG daemon ftp-user-name

Is the database the one running inside Lightsail?
Are you externally hosted using RDS or similar?
Also, have you set up the correct DB connection information in wp-config.php?

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answered 10 months ago

wp-config file screen shot ()Yes, I already use these command but nothing happen same error occurs. In wp-config files everything database name, username, passwords is same nothing changes. sudo chmod 775 -R /opt/bitnami/apps/wordpress/htdocs sudo usermod -aG daemon bitnami also wp-config files is attached in it u can view it.

answered 9 months ago

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