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Migrating from Cisco UCCX to AWS


Hi Team

Customer would like to migrate from Cisco UCCX to AWS Connect. I need some clarifications and understanding on below topics

  1. Currently they are having DID numbers dispatched on the Cisco Gateway through the service Providers ISDN/SIP, is it possible to use the same DID numbers on the AWS connect? If yes how we can achive that? I would appreciate if anyone ould share some documents related to the process and configurations. Eg - Customer current did 1234 100 - 1234 199 , these numbers are provided by local service providers how to get these calls from Cisco gateway to AWS connect.
  2. How many calls can be in the queue? How to set this?
  3. In Cisco UCCX we have IVR ports which means eg - If the customer has 50 IVR ports 50 customers can call the hotline simultaneosly and can be in the queue (before answered by any agents) ? In Amazon connect how many customers can call simultaneosly? lets assume if 100 customers can call simultaneosly is it chargeble or free? I do not see any these charges information on
2 Answers
  1. Porting Numbers: Primarily you need to raise a support ticket with AWS with the LOA to port the numbers to Amazon Connect. Please refer the section "Porting numbers purchased from other contact center providers" in the document.

  2. There is a soft limit of 10 Concurrent calls per instance and can be increased by raising a service quota request form. Please refer the document for opening the support request:

  3. Calls will be charged as per the usage /pricing (minutes), but not by concurrency.

answered 3 months ago
  • Thank you Phani_L for your time and answeres.

    With related to the answeres on the 2nd question, If that raised by service quota request form does that chargable?

  1. I've seen customers do different things. First, is to port the numbers to AWS like it was mentioned. The other is to have the telco provider forward calls to a new dummy number which AWS owns. This way you can control your main DIDs if you ever need to do any sort of DR or alternative routing.
  2. There's no charge for creating a service request to increase your limit.

I have a lot of UCCX experience, make sure you do a deep dive into Connect works to avoid any surprises. Because UCCX is so tightly coupled with UCM you can do some cool telephony things when it comes to transfers/outbound calls, but this is not the case in Connect.

answered 2 months ago

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