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/Disable autocommit on the Postgres RDS level/

Disable autocommit on the Postgres RDS level


Is there a way to set autocommit off at the RDS level. Need to do that to make all the Java code written for the Oracle database to work with out major modifications. There are triggers that are fired based on the transaction ID generated at the beginning of the transaction. Since autocommit is on (as a default) triggers are not able to find the transaction.

2 Answers
  • Thank you so much for your reply.

    I believe init_connection is only available in mySql. I don't see that parameter in Postgres parameters group.


Are you connecting with JDBC? If so, then autocommit is already the default in the JDBC driver and should be set there, like conn.setAutoCommit(false);. AFAIK this cannot be done on the database level.

answered 23 days ago
  • Thank you for your response.

    I was looking for ways to do that at the database level. Looks like that's not possible. Not sure how the triggers will work in this case. I can't test the triggers from the backend now.

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