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I have created a glue interactive session job (jupyter notebook) and trying to save it to my own s3 bucket/location. I can't find any documentation on how to do this? I have tried the following glue magic commands but with no success for glue version 2 job -

%%configure { "s3_path": 's3://mybucket/myfolder/'}

%%configure { "s3_path": 's3://mybucket/myfolder/'}

%%configure { "scriptlocation": 's3://mybucket/myfolder/'}

%%configure { "command": "ScriptLocation=s3://mybucket/myfolder/"}

Any help on the exact steps needed to save my interactive jupyter glue notebook to my custom s3 location would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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Hello SG!

There's no such magics configuration available in Glue Interactive session on Jupyter Notebook.

However, if you would like to save your notebook on a S3 location, you can achieve this by using AWS CLI on Jupyter notebook. For example, if you have AWS CLI installed in your local environment, you can run below command in the last cell of your notebook:


If you don't want to install AWS CLI, another workaround is to use interactive session on Glue Studio Notebook instead, where you can specify the script location in the Job Details section.

Hope it helps!

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  • The support also has said the same. Thanks for the clarification !


You don't have to use any magic to store the script or the notebook file (.ipynb). They are saved by default in a S3 location owner by your account. Notebook is saved under the notebook folder and script is saved in the scripts folder. The location is typically in s3://aws-glue-assets-<account-id>-<region>/scripts/ and s3://aws-glue-assets-<account-id>-<region>/Notebook/ Enter image description here

**Reference: ** Check the guide, section - saving your notebook and job script

The magic commands are used to change/assign the role, add additional python files, etc. and we this default configuration is not controlled by the magics.

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answered 3 months ago
  • The issue is saving to custom S3 location (not the default location). It is not mentioned anywhere that it is not supported.

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