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EC2 Serial Console - 500 Server Error



I'm trying to use the EC2 Serial Console but doesn't work. I did all configuration follow the documentation and when I try to connect I get the message "EC2 service page is currently unavailable" with the title "AWS: 500 Server Error". Does it a bug? What can I do to use the EC2 Serial Console in my EC2 Instance?


Att, Marcos Meira

1 Answers
  • EC2 Serial Console is available in AWS GovCloud (US), us-west-1, ca-central-1, eu-west-2 , eu-west-3 , ap-northeast-2 , ap-south-1 , sa-east-1 and eu-north-1 regions. Can you verify the same if the region is appropriate ?
  • Also, EC2 Serial Console Access is available for Nitro virtual instances running either Windows or Linux. Also, check out the step by step troubleshooting mentioned in this document with respect to the Serial port. Link-
answered 3 months ago

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