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AWS Kendra - Search PDF with handwritten text


I have a scanned PDF with handwritten text and I am trying to search through it using AWS Kendra. However, Kendra doesn't search through the handwritten text. I tried using textract and comprehend, but there seem to be limitations to PDF size and number of pages with both services. Is there a way to allow Kendra to search through this handwritten text?

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Textract would be your best bet - it's designed for handwriting recognition (among other things). Kendra is designed for language and meaning recognition. In super simplified terms, one is a convoluted neural network for images, the other is a recursive neural network for language; RNN works poorly for images, CNNs work poorly for language.

Textract does have limits - 3000 pages / 500MB for the pdf. Are you exceeding those limits?

answered 5 months ago

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