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Cloudfront PUT request pricing


I want to know pricing for uploading to S3 through cloudfront. I only can find pricing for cloudfront data OUT but I'm not clearly understand if uploading to s3 with cloudfront is considered as data OUT? Now we upload our data directly to s3 and according to the billing, we don't pay for that transfer. But if we turn on uploading through cloudfront we will pay the same as for data OUT?

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CloudFront to S3 origin is not charged (it's considered as data in, which is free). CloudFront to origin is only charged if it's an external origin. In such case, regional data out pricing is applied.

Data out from CloudFront will be charged. If you're seeing charges that are not aligned to this, please raise a support request.

Hope this helps.

answered a month ago
  • Thank you for answer. Could you please clarify what is external origin? dont clearly understand

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