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A customer is using NLB with ECS. ALB is not an option for customer as of now.

They want to create a Services reporting Health Check info on URL’s, functionality similar to Liveliness/Readiness probes in k8s to ensure service is up and functioning properly and not just port based health checks which NLB does.

Is this possible with NLB and ECS? Any recommendations around this?

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Yes, you can use HTTP(s) healthchecks with NLB target groups and choose the path/status codes that indicate whether the target is healthy or not. HealthCheckProtocol and HealthCheckPath are the relevant settings:

answered 2 years ago
  • I've just tested it. Unfortunately it doesn't work with ECS Fargate + NLB in my scenario.

    The reply from CloudFormation is: "Health check paths are not supported for TCP health checks"

  • If I try to change health check protocol it says: You cannot change the health check protocol for a target group with the TCP protocol

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