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/"Spice Usage" much higher than expected and now full/

"Spice Usage" much higher than expected and now full


I have been using QuickSight for a while. I am importing data from Athena and RDS into Spice and building reports on them.

I am now being told in the QuickSight console that my Spice Capacity is full - apparently I am using 320GB of data. However, when I look at all my data sets, the sizes only add up to about 20GB, so I've no idea how I've hit 320GB.

Is there some way I can see the Spice usage breakdown? Or could there be some hidden old versions of data that it is holding onto?

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2 Answers

Hi, @pmac

I've used the AWS CLI to calculate SPICE usage before. (The following article)

What are the consequences of doing the calculations this way?

answered a month ago
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Thanks, I have just had someone admit they imported a 300GB dataset.

The silly thing about Quicksight is that even though I'm the owner of AWS account and admin of Quicksight, I can't see datasets created by other people in the console, so I cant manage the Spice usage.

answered a month ago

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