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/aws lambda stream newest data in local html/php/

aws lambda stream newest data in local html/php


I starting using aws and somehow cant figure out how to send newest or stream realtime data that insert into table dynamodb then output at locally html file or php . I know about url lambda but that pretty new feature to use and I coding using python/js

1 Answers

You can use API Gateway and Lambda to expose the data in DynamoDB as RESTful APIs.

Use REST API in API Gateway and then configure a Lambda function as the backend integration for API Gateway. From the Lambda function, use the DynamoDB AWS SDK in your language of choice to retrieve the data from DynamoDB, process it and send it back as a response.

From your front-end web application, call the API Gateway endpoint.

An example of an AWS workshop that shows you how to do this is available at

It probably has a little more than what you are looking for, but it also shows you other AWS services like Amplify and Cognito.

answered 15 days ago

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