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Where do I set innodb_force_recovery in RDS Mariadb


Our RDS Mariadb instance hit a crash recently. The instance is now stuck at 'Rebooting' state. While the instance is in 'rebooting' state, the only operation available is 'delete'. But I don't want to delete the instance.

I've posted the crash log to and they have suggested to set innodb_force_recovery = 3. But I can't find this parameter in RDS parameter groups and it's not listed as an unsupported parameters either.

My other question is how do I force stop my RDS instance. I've contacted AWS Support but their response is that they don't have permission to stop customers' instances.

I've just same crash again after restoring from backup. I just can't accept the fact that you can only restore from backup when you hit a crash.

Anyone else had similar experience?


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