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I'm currently using PBXware with a voip carrier. The voip carrier provides me with a trunk and I'm billing through them for all my incoming and outgoing minutes. Am I able to use Amazon connect with my own voip carrier using a trunk or am I forced to use amazon connect as the telephony portion as well. I'm with my voip carrier for over 10 years and prefer to continue with them for the inbound/outbound sip portion. I would just want to use amazon connect to replace Pbxware.

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Slight clarification. faddi is right on the inbound side, but on the outbound side you can push your call through Chime to your private SIP trunk into your PBX for outbound calls. Additionally, you can pass data via UUI. We're doing this and it works well.


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answered 5 months ago
  • Hi @dmacias, is there a link to documentation on how this is set-up in Connect? I am interested in trying it out.

  • I’ve not seen a link to it, but I know it’s possible. You need to use a voice connector group which allows you to setup a SIP trunk between Chime and your SBC. Then you’ll be able to use your Chime voice connector in Connect.

  • @dmarcias, no luck. I wasn't able to find an Amazon Chime option in the Amazon Connect "Transfer to Phone Number" Flow Block, after falling you steps above and creating a Chime Connector in a Chime Voice Connecter Group

  • You might need to contact support on this then. We've been doing this for many months and it works well. Googling did yield this result NOT from AWS, but it's what we did.

  • Thanks @dmacias. The IBM Watson link was very helpful! Thank You for taking the time to find it.



Amazon Connect, as a managed service, abstract the telephony layer and you're not required to setup any Trunks, SIP endpoints or manage the vendor relationships. As of today you can not bring your own carrier into Amazon Connect.

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answered 5 months ago

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