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How and When would domain name would publicly available on the internet ?


I have purchased the domain name from Route 53 AWS. created the hosted zone in DNS. Launched EC2 instance with AMI WordPress. Allocated the Elastic IP address with the EC2 instance Created the A-type record in the hosted zone with the public IP addresses. Are there any other steps I have to follow?

2 Answers

Couple other things to check:

  1. Make sure the instance is in a public subnet (the route table associated with the subnet has a route to the internet gateway)
  2. Make sure the Security Group assigned to the instance has inbound TCP port 443 and/or 80 from allowed
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answered 9 days ago

DNS can take 72 hours to fully propagate (but usually it's a lot faster). Using Google Dig/nslookup etc check that your domain name resolves to the same IP address assigned to your instance.

answered 8 days ago

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