Chaos engineering with AWS Fault Injection Simulator on Amazon ECS.


How to do Chaos engineering with AWS Fault Injection Simulator on Amazon ECS for aws:ecs:task-cpu-stress action? Is there any step by step procedure?

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Hi, you have a full step-by-step tutorial for EC2 there:

It can be adapted and combined with to obtain a full step-by-step procedure

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  • But It's on EC2 Instance. I want to use Amazon ECS.

  • that's true: I updated my answer with another link specific to ECS that can be combined with initial one. I personally usually try such things with EC2 before going to ECS, which is harder to debug. If you start with EC2, you will ensure your understanding of FIS before going to ECS.


Hello, The aws:ecs:task-cpu-stress runs CPU stress on the target tasks. It uses the AWSFIS-Run-CPU-Stress SSM document. The tasks must be managed by AWS Systems Manager. For more information, refer to [1].

[1] -

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