Codebuild always reporting build status on Github webhook events, can't turn off


I have a Codebuild job wired up to a Github Enterprise repository using webhook triggers on PRs. I need this codebuild job to run, but NOT report a build status on the PR back to Github (I have other lambdas that handle PR status and checks reporting).

In the source configuration for the Codebuild job, I have "Report build statuses to source provider" disabled, and the Status Context and URL are blank.

However, on every PR event after the "Github Hookshot" triggers a build, Codebuild still automatically reports back to Github the commit status (pending/success/failure)

Why is it automatically doing this and how can I disable this build status reporting?

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I'm Zainub from AWS Premium Support and it will be my pleasure assisting you on this question.

I understand that:

  • CodeBuild has been integrated with GitHub Enterprise using webhooks.
  • It is required that the build triggers on pull requests but not report it's status back to the GitHub repository as other Lambda functions handle the PR status and checks reporting.
  • The CodeBuild project source configuration has been updated to disable "Report build statuses to source provider" and the status and target URLs have been left blank.
  • Despite the source configuration updates, the build status is still reported back to GitHub.
  • Guidance on why it is reporting and how to disable it is required.

Kindly confirm if the summary and understanding of the issue is correct.

According to the CodeBuild documentation:

The status of a build triggered by a web hook is always reported to your source provider.

Therefore, a web hook-triggered build ignoring the reportBuildStatus property is by design.

As I do not have insight into the custom automation (Lambda functions etc.) that has been implemented on your end, it is difficult to suggest a work-around or advice on the best way forward. In this regard, I recommend reaching out to a Solutions Architect who would be better equipped to provide the best advice on the way forward. You can get in touch with a Solutions Architect via the AWS sales page.

I hope you find the above informative and have a great day further.

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