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Hi we are deploying a Dotnet windows web application on the ElasticBeanstalk in a private VPC without internet. Recently we noticed that the time is not correct on the EBS windows instance and it caused our software bugs.

We understand that we can "Keeping Time With Amazon Time Sync Service" without internet by run some windows powershell scripts.

Reference is here:

My question is that how to run this script when we deploy the application to the ElasticBeanstalk? Could someone please provide a sample configuration file or steps to achieve this?

By the way, I have raised the same AWS support ticket 5 days ago but nobody is assigned to the ticket so I have to ask here.

Thank you.

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Apologies for delay with response on the support ticket

From August 2018 release, All Amazon Windows AMIs uses the Amazon Time Sync Service by default.

This time service is accessible from any EC2 Region at the endpoint.Your instance does not require access to the internet, and you do not have to configure your security group rules or your network ACL rules to allow access. Please refer to documentation[1] to know more.

If your creating the Elastic Beanstalk environments with the latest AMIs please note that there is no need of adding config file as listed in the document [2]because the latest AMIs use Amazon Time Sync Service by default.

Resources: [1] [2]

answered 3 months ago

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