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/WAF list_web_acls works with CLI but returns empty array with Boto3 inside lambda/

WAF list_web_acls works with CLI but returns empty array with Boto3 inside lambda


I have some WebACLs in WAF that I want to list from a Lambda function. (I have the Regional WebACL in eu-central-1)

My lambda handler:

def lambda_handler(event, context):    
    waf_client = boto3.client(
    return waf_client.list_web_acls(Scope="REGIONAL")

Lambda Result:

  "WebACLs": [],
  "ResponseMetadata": {...}

CLI command that works: aws wafv2 list-web-acls --scope=REGIONAL --region=eu-central-1


    "NextMarker": "something",
    "WebACLs": [
            "Name": "something",
            "Id": "hash1",
            "Description": "",
            "LockToken": "hash2",
            "ARN": "arn:aws:wafv2:eu-central-1:accountid:regional/webacl/something/hash1"

Am I missing something here or the Boto3 WAF client is not behaving as expected?

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Accepted Answer

I can't see a good reason why that doesn't work. Unless the account details you're using at the CLI aren't the same as in the Lambda function. You can use aws sts get-caller-identity and the equivalent boto3 call to confirm.

Note that you don't have to supply credentials within a Lambda function - it's much better practice to create a role which has the right permissions for that Lambda function specifically so that you don't have hard-coded credentials. If you're making cross-account calls then you can do that too.

answered a month ago
  • Removing the credentials resolved the problem as my lambda role already had AWSWAFReadOnlyAccess. Thanks for the swift response!

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