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Hello, I'm trying to migrate 5 local servers to the cloud, I'm using AWS Application migration service, I started with 4 servers for example servers: A, B, C and D and All the 4 servers replicated at 100% successfully. Then I ran the replication Agent in the 5th server "E" but as soon as I did this server B got replaced by the new server E. Server B got deleted from the source servers list. I tried re-installing the replication agent again in server B but now server E got replaced by server B. If I check the server info tab I see the IP and disk from server E but if a check the Disk settings tab I see the server B disks. I dont know what is happening, please help.

  • Ideally, this shouldn't happen. Is the source server name the same for the two servers? Please open a ticket with the support team.

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This behavior can sometimes happen if server "B" and server "E" share the same "identity" that the Agent picks up. For example, for VMware machines the VM UUID is picked up by the agent and can be seen in the "Server info" tab[1]. If your two VM's share the same VM UUID (typical scenarios which cause this can be cloning/copying a VM), this can cause the behavior you noticed.

I hope this information is helpful.

Resources: [1] Server info -

answered a year ago

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