inter-region VPC Peering Connection not working as expected


Hi, I've set up an inter-region VPC peering connection between 2 VPCs located in different regions, however when I try ping between two servers in those two regions, the ping rate is exactly the same no matter I ping with private IP or public IP (between 200-300ms), I understand data transfer via peer connection stays on AWS global backbone and never traverse the internet therefore the latency with private IP should be much lower? any suggestions will be greatly appreciated

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What you are seeing is expected behavior. It is explained in the VPC FAQ. When the Source and Destination endpoints are both on AWS network then the traffic stays on the AWS backbone network even if you are Pinging Public IP and does not traverse "Public internet" Therefore your ping results via VPC Peering Vs between the Public IPs is same.

Amazon VPC FAQs

** Q. Does traffic go over the internet when two instances communicate using public IP addresses, or when instances communicate with a public AWS service endpoint?**

No. When using public IP addresses, all communication between instances and services hosted in AWS use AWS's private network. Packets that originate from the AWS network with a destination on the AWS network stay on the AWS global network

Hope this helps clarify.

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  • Just a side comment here: Public IP addressing implies Internet but does not equal it. So a private network (such as the Amazon backbone) can use public IP addressing yet still keep the traffic within private boundaries. Public IP addresses are necessary for communication across the Internet but on a private network they are just IP addresses like any other.

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