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Appium AWS device farm, unable to execute more than 100 scenarios.


We are using AWS device farm to execute Android and IOS tests, after we pass the 100 test cases border we start to see an error on Android, Appium is not able to find a free port, Original error: Cannot find any free port in range 8200..8299}. I'm sure that in our code we are calling driver.quit in order to release the ports, also before each test I run an adb command to check current status and there is no ADB ports used, so Im worry if maybe the problem is with the ADB version used in device farm, we are using custom environments and Appium 1.22.3 with Java.

  • Hi, @ricardo.

    I think that it will be helpful to answer by presenting a sample of your test code and the implementation part of the disconnection process.

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