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Delete media convert job


Hello. I'm a beginner in aws services.
Please, how can I delete created jobs with aws media convert using the aws console? the jobs are created in the default queue. when I select a job, the cancel button is not activated.

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Hi there,

There is no way to delete jobs that have ran and are in a completed, errored, or cancelled stated. The service will display these jobs for 90 days [1], and then remove them from the console view.


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answered a year ago


Did you follow this document to cancel the job?
If yes, and you still unable to cancel the job. Could you check the policy of your user in IAM? For detail, you can read this doc:

Here is the tool:

If you have this policy only: AWSElementalMediaConvertReadOnly, then you have readyonly access. You need to have AWSElementalMediaConvertFullAccess in order to control the job.


answered a year ago

Thank you for your answer
I discover that I hadn't the policy to delete a job. I add AWSElementalMediaConvertFullAccess to the user but that doesn't give me the access to the delete button.
May be There's a condition in the status of jobs to be deleted?

answered a year ago

Thank you very much

answered a year ago

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