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I need to migrate and create bi-directional replication from on-prem Oracle to Oracle RDS. I have used SCT for DMS migration assessment. How do I start the migration using AWS DMS is the challenge I am facing. There are multiple schemas which I need to migration and replicate. Can I use DMS for this task? DMS can not create schemas in Oracle, Do I create all required schemas first then create migration tasks?

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This blog Migrating Oracle databases with near-zero downtime using AWS DMS provides some good technical guidance to evaluate

The solution in blog includes the following steps:

  1. Provision an AWS DMS replication instance with the source and target endpoints
  2. Export the schema using Oracle Data Pump from the on-premises Oracle database
  3. Import the schema using Oracle Data Pump into the Amazon RDS for Oracle database
  4. Create an AWS DMS replication task using CDC to perform live replication
  5. Validate the database schema on the target Amazon RDS for Oracle database

Reference : https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/database/migrating-oracle-databases-with-near-zero-downtime-using-aws-dms/

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answered 15 days ago
  • Thank you Nitin! I read the blog but wondering if we can export/import schema without Oracle Data Pump? Is there a way to use AWS DMS/SCT? What steps will be required? e.g create all the schemas first on target then use DMS to migrate data?

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