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Aurora mysql: Started cross AZ failover to DB instance event


I have a Aurora db cluster with 2 instance, a writer and a reader.
Since I migrated from version 1.23 (mysql 5.6) to 2.10.1 (mysql 5.7) I had some failover. Could you help me to understand what can cause this behavoral? What event can trigger a automatic failover?

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Hi, Good Question.

If the only thing that has changed is the version (2.10.1/MySQL 5.7 from 1.23/MySQL 5.6), check out:

Upgrading to 2.10.1 from 1.23 is considered a major version upgrade for Aurora and has some changes that could cause different behavior: *

See the following for information about 2.10.1:

From a 5.6 -> 5.7 MySQL perspective, there also are some changes:

answered 9 months ago

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