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Why the LoginFailures metric showing no data for RDS MySQL instance?


I have added the CloudWatch metric LoginFailures for my Aurora MySQL instances and both instances are showing metric data when trying to login to both MySQL servers using incorrect logins.

Then I tried to add the same metric to my RDS MySQL instances and no metric data is appearing. Does RDS MySQL not support the LoginFailures metric? Or do I have to configure something to make it work?

asked 4 years ago41 views
1 Answer

That appears to be an Aurora MySQL-specific metric. In general, for RDS the Cloudwatch metrics reflect the features of the management service and infrastructure but not the database engine. To observe the database engine-specific metrics you would use the tooling for that specific engine. See for an example.

For Aurora MySQL and Aurora PostgreSQL, since Amazon develops those engines in can modify them to emit metrics directly into its monitoring infrastructure.

answered 4 years ago

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