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/Brokers Connection string doesn't show creating cIuster with IAM Access/

Brokers Connection string doesn't show creating cIuster with IAM Access


I have created an MSK cluster with IAM Access Control as a mechanism for authentication and authorization. I can see the broker nodes for my cluster on MSK Console but when I try to write a message to a topic from my kafka client, it gives me error "Broker may not be available".

When I used the cli command i.e. get-bootstrap-brokers, it shows no value for the "BootstrapBrokerStringSaslIam". It gives me nothing at all. Not even a message telling the status of brokers.

I have followed the official documentation for it

However, I can get the ZooKeeper string for my IAM Access Control cluster and can create kafka topics from my kafka client.

I don't know what's happened to my brokers.

Can anyone tell me what should I do?

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Accepted Answer

I had the same issue when I ran aws kafka get-bootstrap-brokers with an out-of-date aws-cli. Running it with aws-cli/2.2.3 works for me.

answered a year ago

Great tip. You will need to update the version of the CLI to use the latest features when they involve API changes.

answered a year ago

Yes, it is working now. Thank you njlaw and djwylie :)

answered a year ago

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