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Test duration is much longer when submit the test by AmazonDeviceFarmClient


The test durantion is about 1 minute when I create the test by AWS console, refer to

But, the same test took more than 10 minutes when I create it by AmazonDeviceFarmClient, refer to
From the log I can see the test passed at 47s but somehow took 10 minutes to finish. Is there anything I did wrong?


Harness 00:31.931 2506 Info Finished Setup Test
Harness 00:31.943 2506 Info Finished Setup Suite
Harness 00:31.944 2506 Info Starting Tests Suite
Harness 00:31.945 2506 Info Starting Tests
Harness 00:47.615 2506 Passed Tests passed
Harness 05:51.741 2506 Info Finished Tests
Harness 05:51.742 2506 Info Finished Tests Suite
Harness 05:51.747 2506 Info Starting Teardown Suite
Harness 05:51.748 2506 Info Starting Teardown Test
Harness 11:17.347 2506 Passed Successful test lifecycle of Teardown Test
Harness 11:17.347 2506 Info Finished Teardown Test
Harness 11:17.348 2506 Info Finished Teardown Suite

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2 Answers
Accepted Answer

Hi there,
Thanks for reaching out.

The reason is because your usage of the AmazonDeviceFarmClient is actually passing the following APi parameters:

"customer_artifact_paths": {  
  "android": \[  
  "ios": \[  

Resulting in the following failing internal call during your test:
adb -P 5037 pull /. /tmp/.../Android_Files...

Please remove the "android" output path from your input (being done using this API ) to prevent this behavior.


answered a year ago

Hi Jon,

Thank you so much!


answered a year ago

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