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I am unable to abort or terminate an Elastic Beanstalk environment that has been hanging for 7+ hours after attempting to update an environment variable. I've successfully cloned the environment and deployed my application to the clone, but I am unable to delete the old one even after deleting all of the resources in its CloudFormation stack. According to CloudTrail logs, there were some log stream creations from the original environment's EC2 instance that errored, but outside of that I'm unable to figure out why or how the Elastic Beanstalk environment is stuck. Please help!


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I have reasearched about this and found that when elastic beanstalk is stuck, desired, max and min are set to zero in autoscaling group and then the application is deployed. Then return to previous settings and deploy again and it would then show ok. I am not sure if this can be done or it resolves your problem but you can try. I highly recommend that you reach out to support team here : https://aws.amazon.com/support/

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  • Thanks for your response! I did check the autoscaling policy and set all three settings to zero, but I think the trigger for the policy was not hit ( NetworkOut > 6000000 for more than 5 minutes), so it never added a new instance to the environment. We will have to update the policy for a more accurate trigger in the future.

    I checked this morning, and eventually the hanging environment registered a failed update. I initiated a terminate environment command, but it failed because I already manually deleted the RDS instance. Is there a way to force terminate the environment? Or should I delete the CloudFormation stack myself? Will this also terminate the Elastic Beanstalk environment? It's a little hard to glean the answers to these questions from searching through AWS docs.

  • I have found this link to terminate the environment. It includes force terminate option, just in case you have not already seen it. It is advisable to reach out to support if this doesn't work. https://awscli.amazonaws.com/v2/documentation/api/latest/reference/elasticbeanstalk/terminate-environment.html

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