Add a custom domain to AWS Amplify react-app


Hi all!
I've successfully built my react-app with AWS Amplify (step 1 is completed)
Now I need to add a custom domain that I already own (purchased not with aws route 53).
What I've done:

  1. I hosted a zone with my domain name using Route 53.
  2. I changed my domain's DNS-servers to given by Route 53 four name servers under "Value/Route traffic to" (step 2 is now marked as completed in amplify console)
  3. Before I did this, when I entered my domain name into the browser I could see a message "This domain was purchased from companyname" and their logo.
  4. Now DNS records seem to have changed, but domain stopped working.. Google Chrome says: "This site can’t be reached. DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN"

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I managed to make it work adding a subdomain (CNAME record route 53). But root domain still doesn't work.. Amplify says I need to add an ANAME record to the root. Route 53 added type A record to the root when I added root URL to amplify. But I can only access my web page using subdomain.

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Add URL (subdomain) to your domain in amplify console. Then it adds a record (ANAME) in route 53 hosted zone.

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Could you change your TTL to 30(for testing purpose)?

Just in case, TTL is The amount of time, in seconds, that you want DNS recursive resolvers to cache information about this record. If you specify a longer value (for example, 172800 seconds, or two days), you reduce the number of calls that DNS recursive resolvers must make to Route 53 to get the latest information in this record.

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