If set Invalidations in cloud front, cache still working in cloudfront ?


If I set "/*" in Invalidations. I don't know cache in cloudfront will be disable or still working only reload if file in S3 change.

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Clearing the cache with "/*" will delete all the cache at that point.
In other words, it doesn't matter if the S3 object is being updated.
If you delete CloudFront's cache while S3 objects have not been updated, the cache for the objects that have not been updated will only be recreated.

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answered 9 months ago
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  • hmmm. I have more question. If I have file image name "logo.png" in S3. So I have delete file and upload new file same name "logo.png" how to tell CloudFront update new file image. I try Invalidations "/*" but Cloudfront still get old image

  • Did you clear the CloudFront cache after updating the file? Also, please delete your browser cache.

  • Oh It's work. I don't know must delete browser cache. Thanks

  • Does any way AWS support to watch which file or images store in cache CloudFront ?

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