Access denied for all services for my user


Our system administrator has made some policy changes to the IAM user and now no one is able to access any console. He had got an email saying that access to AWS Billing, Cost Management and Account consoles are using retired actions to access these consoles. We all are getting "Access Denied" issue for all dashboards including IAM user dashboard. Can someone help resolve? We are unable to view policies/roles/user groups also. We are unable to create a ticket as well due to this issue. We are getting "You Need Permissions" issue

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Sign in to your AWS account as the root user by following the instructions in the following document.
After signing in as the root user, the operation should be possible by modifying the IAM user policy.
The root user is the user who is allowed to perform all operations in the AWS account, so be careful when operating it.

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answered 7 months ago

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