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Creating a network in between 2 or more instances


Hi Team For my learning purpose I have a plan to create a network in between 2 running instances ex sys 1 and sys 2. Sys 1 is a Server (AMI Wndows server 2019) and Sys 2 (AMI Wndows server 2019) is client, I need to create a network in between Server and Client, which Main Domain and Child Domain or Tree . I need to bring the sys2 ie client as a Child Domain and create a AD user and group policy etc.

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If it is for testing purpose and you would like to get a Network connectivity, you can deploy it in a VPC. You can create subnets and launch ec2 instances in the subnets. There will be default connectivity established in the VPC. If you would like to use multiple VPCs, you can try using VPC peering.

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answered a month ago

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