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AmazonLinux 2022 Package availability seems really lacking



I am trying out AL2022 RC, and on thing that strikes me as odd is that many packages have been removed. For example, mlocate and libreswan have been removed and are nowhere to be found. This seems very odd as those packages are available by default on debian 22.04, RH8, etc, but are a real pain to install on amazonlinux2022. The only way I found to add them was downloading the rpm manually but this would cause a lot of headache to maintain for a multitude of production servers. Are there additional repositories for extra packages available for al2022 that I might have missed ?

Is there a chance the list of removed packages could be reconsidered ?

Thanks a lot for your help,


1 Answer

Hello Xavier ,

The packages you mentioned are provided in the list of the packages removed as seen here -- [1]

However, Amazon Linux 2022 is in preview release, and the features, packages, and package versions that are included in the preview release are subject to change. Before Amazon Linux 2022 is released for general availability, we will make changes and improvements to the preview version.

During the preview, we're actively seeking your feedback about what to add to and modify in Amazon Linux 2022. We also have a clear roadmap moving forward.

Feedback on Amazon Linux 2022 can be provided through your designated AWS representative or by filing an issue in the amazon-linux-2022 repo on GitHub - -- [2] Hope this helps !!

[1] --

answered 4 days ago

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