Greengrass own component deployment stuck "in progress"


I'm trying to deploy my own GreengrassV2 components. It's a SageMaker ML model (optimized with SageMakerNeo and packaged as a Greengrass component) and the according inference app. I was trying to deploy it to my core device with SageMaker Edge Manager component. But it is always stuck in the status "In progress".

My logs show this error: Error in retrieving AwsCredentials from TES. {iotCredentialsPath=/role-aliases/edgedevicerolealias/credentials, credentialData=TES responded with status code: 403. Caching response. {"message":"Access Denied"}}

But how do I know which policies are missing?

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Hello, please refer to for troubleshooting, you'll need iot:AssumeRoleWithCertificate permissions on your core device's AWS IoT role alias

answered a year ago
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