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Does S3 charge for delete marker objects with a Null ID?


This scenario came up while working with the customer:

  1. Customer had previously enabled versioning on their S3 bucket
  2. Customer suspended versioning on their S3 bucket
  3. Customer uploaded a file ("hello.txt") to their S3 bucket
  4. Customer still sees the "Show"/"Hide" version toggle on their S3 console
  5. Customer deletes the "hello.txt" object
  6. Customer toggles versioning to "Show"
  7. S3 console shows "hello.txt" with a "Delete marker" and with a Version ID of "null"

When Versioning is enabled, "Delete markers accrue a nominal charge for storage in Amazon S3"[1].

However, my question is whether there is any charge for the Delete marker objects when versioning is suspended with a Version ID of null?

And a related question is whether there is any way to revert S3 back to its original state without versioning ever being enabled such that the Delete marker objects with a Version ID of null are created and viewable by the customer?


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Accepted Answer

Delete markers are an object and charged like any other object regardless of the bucket status(as mentioned in the documentation, size of a delete marker is euqal to its key name).

Your explained scenario is possible only if customer have already uploaded a "hello.txt" object before versioning suspension. Once versioning is suspended, all subsequent DELETE operations will produce a delete marker but the original object is really deleted(Customer should have seen only a Delete Marker and not the original object after deletion[Step 7]).

As per the documentation, once versioning is enabled and then suspended, bucket behavior can never be reverted to 'disabled versioning' state.

answered 3 years ago

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