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Hi, In Twinmaker we can define a link for a tag. On the Grafana plugin, if we click on the tag then it redirects to the link in a new tab of the browser. Is possible to configure the link to redirect directly in the same page (not in a new tab) of the brower? Thank you

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Currently, opening links in the same browser tab is not supported when clicking the tags on the TwinMaker scene. Is there any specific use-case/reason you would like to open the URL in the same tab?

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answered 2 months ago

Thank you for your answer.

Because of the 3D ressources of TwinMaker use a lot of computation, it would be better to avoid the user to load many tabs with 3D scene. Moreover, in our scene, we have some tags that redirect in the same scene (without url defined), so it would great to have the same beviour even if we redirect to another dashboard.

Do you think it possible to implement it? Thank you. Best regards,

answered 2 months ago

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