AWS Outposts pricing - Foot note on EBS Pricing for 33, 55 & larger Tiers


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There is a footnote in the pricing page - - as seen below

†Outpost configuration pricing listed above includes 11 TB of EBS gp2 storage capacity. You can calculate prices for 33 TB and 55 TB or larger storage capacity using the EBS price tiers listed below. EBS storage tiers. Customers can purchase the below EBS (gp2) storage tiers:

2.7 TB EBS tier is priced at $0.6270/GB-mo 11 TB EBS tier is priced at $0.3420/GB-mo 33 TB EBS tier is priced at $0.2280/GB-mo 55 TB EBS tier is priced at $0.1710/GB-mo

*EBS (gp2) storage TB =10244 bytes and GB =10243 bytes.

Which payment option - All Upfront / Partial Upfront / No Upfront - is the above pricing for each Storage tier - referring to ? This is not clearly mentioned in this page anywhere.

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EBS pricing is the same, regardless of the payment option.

answered 3 years ago

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