Supported S3 Storage Classes for Redshift Spectrum


I'm trying to read files from S3 using redshift spectrum. After creating the external table, I can see that nothing is being read. This post says that spectrum or Athena can't read S3 files from Glacier Deep Archive even if they've been restored.

I want to confirm if this is accurate and if so, what options I have in order to be able to query directly using Spectrum.

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Once data is in Glacier, then Redshift Spectrum cannot access it.

You must restore the data back to S3.

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  • I have already restored and I can confirm that the restoration is complete. However, when I create an external table with the restored data as the location, the table returns 0 rows.

    I've already tested my DDL with a subset of the data (in the standard storage class) and I can confirm everything works fine. I'm not too sure what else might be causing the external table to return 0 rows.


You can use the Amazon S3 Glacier Instant Retrieval storage class, which is queryable by Amazon Athena but not Amazon Redshift. To use the objects under S3 Glacier flexible retrieval or S3 Glacier Deep Archive storage classes, you need to copy the restored objects back into Amazon S3 to actually change their storage class.

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