How to enable HTTP/2 on AWS Lightsail WordPress Instance


I am currently managing a WordPress instance on AWS Lightsail and would like to enable HTTP/2 for improved website performance. Could you please confirm if HTTP/2 is supported on AWS Lightsail, specifically for WordPress instances? If supported, what are the recommended steps or best practices to enable HTTP/2 on my WordPress instance? Are there any considerations or potential issues I should be aware of when enabling HTTP/2 on my Lightsail instance? Please note that I have limited coding knowledge, so any step-by-step instructions or guidance suitable for non-technical users would be highly beneficial. I would greatly appreciate any insights or assistance you can provide on this matter.

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Is the WordPress you use Bitnami?
If so, please enable Apache's HTTP/2 module by following the steps in the document below.

After enabling Apache's HTTP/2 module, it should be enabled by adding settings to VirtualHost using the steps in the document below.

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  • Tried this but still doesn't work.


Has anyone found a solution to this? Http/2 on lightsail does not seem to be working. I added all the necessary entries to the server side. Apachctl -M return Http/2 as loaded, but client browsers all report http 1.1 connection. All the test tools for http2, return Http2 not supported and also "ALPN extension not supported". Any ideas?

answered 7 months ago

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