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My customer is looking to migrate their current site to wordpress so that it can be updated by non-engineers for example to add new customer testimonials, upload pictures etc. The wrinkle is that their public website also handles shortcuts to their customer systems and also hosts an alternate way for their customers to log in to their system, so it handles a fair amount of traffic by their standards - roughly 500K-1M pages per month

Does AWS offer a fully managed WordPress solution? There are AMIs in the Marketplace but customer is looking for a hands-off system, where their interaction with WP is via its console.

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No. We do not have a "fully managed WordPress solution". Marketplace solutions such as this quickstart might be of some help. We also offer a tutorial for setting up a site using AWS Elastic Beanstalk: We also published a whitepaper on Wordpress Best Practices on AWS:

None of these, however, amount to the kind of "fully managed" solution that it sounds as if your customer requires. In that event they may be better served by seeking out a partner.

Hope that helps

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