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I have been working with MediaTailor quite a bit and have created successful channels. I have also been working with Interactive Video Service successfully - now I am trying to combine the two to create a live segment within a VOD channel. I have read all the documentation available and have been working on this for quite some time. Image 1 shows source location created in MediaTailor Image 1 - source location created Image 2 shows live source entered without causing any alerts of issues. Image 2 - live source entered Image 3 shows operational channel ready to add program Image 3 - add program Image 4 shows adding source location (live) to channel Image 4 - add source location Image 5 shows that while MediaTailor channel accepts source location - there is no option to add live source from that source location even though it is the only available .m3u8 feed from that source location. Image 5 - no option to add live

If anyone has any suggestions or methods for ingesting live segments as part of the elements (currently only VOD) on a channel - I'd love to hear about them or see examples / methods.

Thanks in advance for your time and assistance.

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Just clarifying what you are attempting to create. Using the Channel Assembly feature of AWS Elemental MediaTailor, you are creating a channel with both VOD and live sources. The Live source is an output of an Amazon IVS channel. You are having difficulty adding the Live input to the Channel.

Please see the following MediaTailor references for creating Channel sources and adding a Live source.

When mixing sources, confirm that each has the same number or renditions, for each packaging group used (HLS, DASH). If the number of renditions do not match, this could cause a break in the player.

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  • Mike - Thanks so much for your input. All my content is single bandwidth encoded at 1280x720 using the default AWS MediaConvert HLS at 3.5 megs. I set my IVS at basic 1280x720 without transcode so it should be a single HLS stream. The issue is not causing the player to break - the issue is having AWS MediaTailor recognize that I'm placing a live stream into the MediaTailor mix as opposed to a VOD. Regardless of how many times I have tried to connect a live source (thanks for that link - I've read it through many times) the "option" to include a live source never appears. Please see screen shot 5.

    Any additional assistance greatly appreciated - I'm sure I'm missing something simple. Do you know of any working examples of MediaTailor VOD & Live mix I could view?

    Thanks again, J.Mirow

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